by Matthew Currin

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Convene Radio Episode 20 – Mike Campbell – Fat Guy Diary

Sometimes in life we need some inspiration!

Especially when it comes to getting in shape. When looking for a new direction in life, we need support and encouragement to start the journey. Matthew Currin interviews Mike Campbell, from the Fat Guy Diary, who discusses his incredible journey of weight loss. He lost over 150 pounds!

Mike Campbell before and after losing 150 poundsMike began his weight-loss journey in 2009, and since then he has been coaching others through their similar journey. Mike offers words of encouragement by explaining that we all have bumps in the road but having a solid game plan is key. Anyone can reach their goal. Mike’s e-book walks you through his journey. You can get it now for FREE on his website Fat Guy Diary.

Mike’s FatGuyDiary group can be found in Convene Health and Fitness. This group will allow Mike to coach and encourage others on their weight loss journey, and it is a place for him to share tips and stories that helped him in his journey. Don’t go it alone. You aren’t alone.

Not a Convene member yet? It is FREE to join. Follow the link above and join Mike’s group.

Mike Campbell speaking on weight loss Mike is available to speak at events when he isn’t busy coaching others through their weight loss journey.

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