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This Group will take a deep dive into the shallow end to show you how to sell your content using the Convene Platform. Wait- the 'shallow end?' Yes Because it is really not that hard!

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Selling content online is a multi-billion dollar business.

E-Learning is the future. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected “E Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, Research and Markets forecasts show triple the revenue of 2015 – e-learning will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.” – Forbes

Listening to leaders in the industry, we hear them tell us to build a community around our content. Even the experts agree there aren’t great options available on the market to both sell a class AND build a community in one place. UNTIL NOW…

Convene Communities uniquely allows you to build a following and offer classes in the same space!

Sell your online class first 3 months free

Convene Communities allows you to build a new audience while selling your content.

What selling content through Dynamic groups means to a content provider?
Groups have an announcement area where you can post upcoming events, podcasts, and classes members might be interested in.
Two-way conversation opportunities through the group message board and each experience’s discussion board.
Creating a public group with a premier subgroup (that holds your paid content) allows you to grow an audience that gets to know you before purchasing your paid content.

Leverage the things you are already doing by taking your podcast, YouTube channel, blog to the next level.
Less expensive than any other platform on the market with more capabilities!
Opt into the affiliate program when setting your course pricing and take advantage of motivated Convene affiliates willing to promote your paid content

Example Premier Member Scenario
Joe is a YouTuber with a decent following that focuses on how to be a successful Ebay reseller. He starts a public “Ebay reseller” group on Convene. He writes a weekly experience based on one of the tips from his YouTube videos and poses a few discussion questions. This experience allows Joe to get some helpful feedback on what members are struggling with – future content ideas. After a couple of months, Joe decides to upgrade to a Premier Membership and creates a subgroup (Premier Group) to sell his “5 Secrets to Selling on Ebay” class for $30. He opts into the affiliate program and chooses to give $10 of the $30 towards the affiliate program to promote his class. As a premier member he can create as many Premier groups in that Community as he likes.

Joe is also an affiliate member, so when he sends people to his group he uses his affiliate link. He will receive a percentage of any classes these referred people purchase (in ANY Community) if the class opted into the affiliate program. Not only is Joe selling his own content, he is also bringing in new people that might potentially make him a few commissions on other’s content.

Learn more details at the Creating a Premier Group to Sell Content page.

$29.99 a month or $299.99 annually

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